Don’t Pay For An Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault

Three Decades Fighting For The Loved Ones Of Wrongful Death Victims

After an accident that is fatal, the losses that family members experience cannot be measured. Although money is nowhere near adequate to replace a lost loved one, it is often the only way to obtain justice in a wrongful death case.

Stephens Law P.A., is a personal injury firm that represents families in Minnesota in wrongful death cases. Francis Stephens, the firm’s founding attorney, is knowledgeable, experienced and determined to get results for the loved ones of people lost in tragic incidents of negligence. He has devoted his over 25 year career to advocating compassionately yet ferociously for the victims of injuries and accidents.

There are many different accident types that he has handled for clients. They include:

If you have suffered the tremendous loss of someone you love, you can place your case in the experienced care of Mr. Stephens. When your attorney enters settlement negotiations or the courtroom, you can expect the advocacy to be professional, strong and ethical every step of the way.

Covering Your Financial Losses Through Compensation

Mr. Stephens seeks complete compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages resulting from the accident. He has a network of vocational specialists and economists who can place a value on the past and future wages lost from inability to work. In addition, he calculates other financial damages that to include in the demand for compensation. However, there is no scientific method for measuring the noneconomic losses such as loss of companionship in a wrongful death case. To place a value on these, Mr. Stephens takes the time to learn about you and your loved one and everything they meant to your family. He will take the time to learn about what the two of you enjoyed and the special moments that you shared. It is through these facts that he builds a persuasive case to secure maximum compensation for you and for your family.

Hold The Negligent Party Responsible For Your Loved One’s Death

If you are the loved one of someone who was killed in an accident due to someone else’s carelessness, you may have a wrongful death case against that person or persons. At Stephens Law P.A., you can take steps to hold the parties who caused your loved one’s death accountable. You can schedule a free consultation (including evenings and weekends) at the firm’s Duluth office. Please call 218-514-4043 or send an email to Mr. Stephens today.