Brainerd Personal Injury Attorney

An accident can change your life forever, making the future seem even more uncertain. It may even make your future seem rather dark, so you may be wondering how you are going to pay for the health care that you need in order to recover and the bills that come in whether you are making an income or not. It is very likely that you have a lot of questions about your future and what you can do about it.

At Stephens Law, P.A., you will work with a Brainerd personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience helping the injured overcome some of the damages that have been done to them, particularly the financial damage. We understand that you are going through a very difficult time, which is why we provide you with the strong advocacy that you need to get the funds required to take care of your medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

Results Oriented Advocacy

We are dedicated to ensuring you get results. From negotiations with the insurance company to trial, we work hard to build strategies that are designed to get results. Francis Stephens works out of the St. Cloud and Duluth offices and has been representing northern and central Minnesota clients for nearly twenty years. During this time, he has helped clients navigate the legal system when they have been injured due to no fault of their own. From truck accidents to wrongful death, he has helped clients obtain the compensation they need to cover all of their losses.

Every strategy that we use is designed to get the most compensation for you so that you can focus on your physical and mental recovery and less on the financial impact that the accident has had on you.

Honest & Understanding Representation

When you bring your case to our office, you will be given a straightforward assessment of the case by your Brainerd personal injury attorney. Everything from the legal to the factual is taken into account so that you can be informed. It is through being informed that you will be able to make decisions in your case. You will also always be informed of the latest developments so you are never left in the dark. You will understand the legal process and we do what is necessary to help you through this difficult period in your life. It doesn’t matter if you were injured in a distracted driving accident or a semi-truck accident; you will receive the dedicated representation that you deserve.

Contact A Brainerd Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured because someone else was negligent, you are most likely going through a great deal of emotional and physical pain. There is also the financial burden that accompanies such an accident and it is your right to seek compensation from the responsible party so you can pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more. To find out how Stephens Law, P.A. can help you in your personal injury case, call the Duluth office at 218-625-4200, the St. Cloud office at 320-310-4219, or call toll-free at 877-310-4219 for a free consultation.